In today's fast pace work environments, businesses are putting more and more data applications on their networks such as voice, data, and video. The infrastructure that supports this communication technology benefits greatly from fast transfer speeds. Fiber optic cable is the fastest conduit for transferring this vital information. Let CORVUS SYSTEMS, a Teleco Lubbock company, provide your business with fiber optic cable at an affordable rate today.

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Access control enables you to control who has access to your building. Traditional locks and keys work great, until keys are lost or stolen. Changing locks and reissuing keys can be a considerable cost and inconvenience. Let CORVUS SYSTEMS solve these issues with secure Access Control to your building.

At CORVUS SYSTEMS, we believe companies deserves to feel safe and secure. CORVUS SYSTEMS can help you design and install an access control system utilizing the latest in technological advances. CORVUS SYSTEMS access control systems can be designed to meet any budget. No matter your business's requirements CORVUS SYSTEMS has the solution to meet your needs.


Video surveillance is a vital necessity for any business. With challenges from day to day cases of theft to false insurance claims and property vandalism. Security cameras can help deter people who would otherwise do harm to your business or property, and provide undeniable evidence when this deterrent fails. Video surveillance cameras installed in your business benefits not only your company but your employees by providing a secure environment for them to work in. CORVUS SYSTEMS video surveillance offers the latest technology to secure what you value most.

At CORVUS SYSTEMS, we want our customers to rely on video surveillance as a key security tool. We understand the concerns among business owners and managers when it comes to protecting their valuables. Our security cameras help ensure people's safety. We have solutions designed for any budget. CORVUS SYSTEMS video surveillance delivers cutting edge technology that helps keep your business and employees safe.


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